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the city don't smell like they said in the brochures

i'd gladly put up with this shit till the day that i die

8 June
"i love you", 22-20's, 80's, acoustic, amazing hair, amazing lyrics, american beauty, art, autumn, beaches, beautiful lyrics, being badass, biffy clyro, black and white photography, bloc party, bob marley, brand new, bright eyes, car journeys, chemical brothers, coffee, coldplay, converse, costas, crazy dancing, creme eggs, cursive, damien rice, dashboard confessional, dawsons creek, days in the park, death cab for cutie, dirty dancing soundtrack, donnie darko, earrings, easyworld, emo boys, emo hair, fall out boy, feel good songs, fight club, films, fingerless gloves, franz ferdinand, fuck, funny faces, gigs, goofiness, graham coxon, hand holding, hot sex, hugs, jackass, jet, josh ritter, kasabian, kings of leon, kisses on the cheek, konstantine, lip rings, lollipops, london, manchester, mittens, moon, mr brightside, natural born killers, no rhyme, old madonna, outkast, peace, petals, pete doherty, photography, poetry, polka dots, postcards, radiohead, razorlight, reggae, rem, reservoir dogs, romance, saves the day, scarfs, shannon sossaman, sharing the couch, shells, ska, skipping, smooth skin, snatch, snow, snuggling, spitalfield, storms, summer, sunny day real estate, sunrise, sunset, surfing, tans, the beatles, the cranberries, the dears, the departure, the futureheads, the killers, the libertines, the ocean, the ordinary boys, the people i love, the rocket summer, the rules of attraction, the streets, the strokes, the von bondies, the zutons, thinking, thora birch, travel, trucker hats, wave jumping, yeah yeah yeahs