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the city don't smell like they said in the brochures [entries|friends|calendar]

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We may die from medication but we sure killed the pain. [01 Mar 2005|04:27pm]
Hey groovsters. Not much of a great update i guess. Went to see Fall out boy and Spitalfield last week. Was actually a well good show. Me, nick, Jack and Ben drove down to London and got the tube from some random place. Met these two random russian girls on the tube. Weirdos. After that we went to McDonalds and pretended to be french, which held up the queue. Didn't amuse the ever-so-smiley staff at all. So, the show; I didn't like some of the crowd because basically i just looked at them and thought "You look like shit. Tweeker" So yeah, they annoyed me. But Spitalfield played a feckin awesome set, fell in love with the lead singer and he winked at me and said hey when he was walking around afterwards. I went all fan-girlish and squirmed like a stupid child. Idiot. Fall out boy were great, i got thrown up to crowd surf and got an elbow to the eye, which hurt like a bitch the next day. Spoke to Mark on the phone on the way home and he sounded strange. But yeah, definatley a groovy night over all.

Glenn's party on friday. Was alright, nothing special. Ben and Jack did their crazy dance, but that was about it.

I tried to do a scottish accent today and failed miserably so Wheatley spent and hour and a half taking the piss out of me. So i challenged him to a sour sweet eating competition and completely kicked his arse. Remember kids, don't talk to strangers.

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[16 Feb 2005|08:14pm]

So valentines day blah blah blah. Me and Ben are officially over so it was a bit shitty for me so i got as drunk as i could with my gal pals and went out in town for laurens birthday which was very good. Met up with Dan. Oh i have missed him! He's finally back from the states, i've missed not having anybody to rant to at three in the morning. He makes me laugh so much he's fantastic. Not to mention a mother fucking hottie. But yeah we met up and liquid and took drunken photos and stuff and had a bit of a boogy. When we were on the dance floor he picked me right up so that our faces were level with each others and he said "did you get my package?" but i had absolutely no idea what he was talking about so he said "never mind, you'll get it tomorow i'm sorry it's late." I thought this was strange but he gave me a kiss and bought me a rose and said happy valentines day which was nice. Apparently i nearly passed out on the dance floor but i do nae have a recollection of this whatsoever. stupid drunken fool. Finally managed to drag my ass into a taxi and passed out on my bedroom floor. I kissed Jamie that night which is a bit of a nightmare cos i'm screwed if it gets back to Cameron.

Woke up tuesday morning with a motherfucker of a hangover and a parcel at the door. It was from Dan :) It was a Valentines card, a postcard from new york, a pair of crazy, tacky sunglasses from new york and a cd. The cd was my favourite part because he knows that i'm going to see fall out boy next week and so he put all of the acoustic versions of their songs on there which i thought was very sweet.

Anyways i must be off cos hannah shall be here in a minute...., i'm outti;

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I keep waving at the taxis, they keep turning their lights off. [08 Feb 2005|06:11pm]
A lot has changed since last update i guess. I no longer have a boyfriend, at least i think so. I thought that i ended it for so many different reasons, but right now i can't think of one that's good enough for me not to carry on regretting it. I miss him so much and i'm so scared that i'm not going to find someone else that loves me for who i am and who understands everything without me having to say a word. Oh i miss him so fucking much that it hurts.

My mum's a weirdo bitch. Still.

I don't know whether i'm content or not at the moment. I keep daydreaming and going into little trances. The other day i found myself just sitting in the park and i can't even remember how i got there. It's very strange. My mum says she's worried but i think she's just trying to pick an arguement really. She picked a fight yesterday, claiming that i hadn't told her that i was going travelling by myself. Since one of the only things i talk about at home is how much i want to get out of here, you would have thought they she may have had an inkling. But whatever, she's a nutcase.

I'm no longer blonde. It's very very dark with a big white slash on the underneath of one side. It's quite nice really, but i think i'm still not used to it entirely. I went and bought the two new Bright Eyes cd's at the weekend. They're very nice, i'm glad i bought them. I bought Willy Mason's cd too because Ben said that i should. He said that when we were still together though, i think i'm just being silly buying it. But it is a good record i like it a lot.

I don't know anything anymore.

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Love will tear us apart [08 Jan 2005|11:22pm]
I wish you were here and i miss you so much it hurts. I'm so happy that we're together and i'm so sad that you're not here when i really need you to be. Yeah.
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Willy Mason; Oxygen. [08 Jan 2005|04:47pm]
I wanna be better than oxygen
so you can breathe when you're drowning and weak at the knees
I wanna speak louder than riddles and for all the children who think that they've got a disease.
I wanna be cooler than tv for all the kids who are wondering what they're going to be
We can be stronger than bombs
if you're singing along and you know that you really believe.
We can be richer than industry
as long as we know that there's things that we don't really need.
We can speak louder than ignorance
Cos we speak in silence everytime our eyes meet.
On and on and on it goes
The world it just keeps spinning
Until i'm dizzy, time to breathe
So close my eyes and start again.
I wanna see through all the lies of society
Into the reality; happiness is at stake.
I wanna hold up my head with dignity
Proud of a life where to give means more than to take.
I wanna live beyond the modern mentality
Where paper is all you're really taught to create.
Do you remember the forgotten American?
Justice, equality, freedom to every race.
Just need to get past all the lies and hypocracy
Make up and hair to the truth behind every face,
that look around to all the people you see
How many of them are happy and free?
I know that it sounds like a dream
but it's the only thing that can get me to sleep that night.
I know that it's hard to believe
but it's easy to see that something here isn't right.
I know that the future looks dark
but it's there where the kids of today must carry the light.
On and on and on it goes
The world it just keeps spinning
Until i'm dizzy, time to breathe
So close my eyes and start again.
If i'm afraid to catch a dream
Weave your baskets and i'll float them down the stream
Each one i'll weave with words i speak
to carry love to your relief.
I wanna be better than oxygen.

This is THE song;

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Wasting words on lower cases and capitals. [04 Jan 2005|06:19pm]
Living from dreams on a shoe-string and hoping the fivepence wishes would really deliver. The streetlamps aren't nearly on yet and i'm praying for a miracle to be able to scratch at the surface of this riddle. Catstrophe's leak into the sunrise and the flowers yearn for acoustic melodies. Thread last night's stars onto your new necklace and run in circles and back again, because this time you need a push into powerless. Today brings a bruised skyline and a distant memory floating away on the 11:11 train.
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